Vehicle Tablet Product Selection Guide

Vehicle Tablet Selection Guide for Mobile Workforces

Mobile devices allow workforces to make simple improvements and achieve wider productivity gains. But with such a wide range of devices across multiple form factors and manufactured from a long list of suppliers, workforces are spoilt for choice and presented with a selection headache.

Critical factors including portability and screen size, ruggedisation, operating environment, use case and battery life will need addressing and weighing up to ensure the right device is selected for the application.

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Rugged tablets

Although the initial outlay is more expensive than other devices, rugged tablets are safety-certified, drop tested and deployable in all weather conditions, reducing total cost of ownership for workforces. They also have extended connectivity, allowing them to link with external antennas for reliable communications in any location.
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Commercial tablets

Like phones, commercial tablets are cost-effective and quick to deploy, and come with the added benefit of being able to run more complex applications. But for use cases that demand operation in tougher, dirtier conditions – where rough handling is likely – something more robust has to be implemented.


For applications needing computers to perform the role of a mobile office, semi and fully-rugged models laptops satisfy the cost and protection needs of most workforces. Laptops are versatile and have greater computing power than handheld devices, however they are bulkier and much more difficult to transport.

Mobile phones

Mobiles are a cost-effective and efficient way of running simple workflow tasks that benefit from portability; however their construction means they will not cope in outdoor environments where they may be dropped and be exposed to rain or bright sunlight.

Rugged handhelds

A robust alternative to mobile phones. Rugged handhelds can be used in more challenging environments; however they lack compatibility with more complex operating systems which can limit their computing performance.

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