The Values that Keep Your Medical Application Running


The Values that Keep Your Medical Application Running…

We are renowned in the computing industry for providing the reliable computing hardware that keeps critical applications running across several industrial verticals. However, less is known about the business values that underpin our prolonged and sustained success in the medical sector. We can build bespoke devices that inspire confidence that every requirement has been fulfilled, from the meticulous documentation of components, to product testing and through life support. This attention to detail extends the operational life and reliability of platforms to the benefit of our customers and the end user.

We work with customers to fully understand their requirements and support their solutions to fulfil the needs of the application now, and long into the future. Our capabilities extend from modifying existing products for custom levels of ruggedisation, all the way through to building bespoke units from scratch, using our design to order expertise to fully satisfy application needs. Following customer discussions, we apply expert component knowledge, and utilise our trusted supply chain to deliver longevity, cost effectiveness and most importantly, what is right for the individual application.

Furthermore, our principle of documenting every component in the build achieves complete trace-ability, ensuring that any rare faults that do arise can be detected, parts can be replaced and repairs can be conducted with minimal turnaround times.

Operating computing technology within the medical field is challenging, due to a multiplicity of industry regulations put in place to ensure the safety of processes for professionals using the equipment and equally, the patients. We have the capabilities to satisfy these regulations and ensure our computers do not jeopardise systems approval. We use dedicated in-house testing facilities to assess EMC and thermal emissions, while we create a full scope of environmental conditions to ensure that products are best equipped to work reliably throughout their lifecycle.

Continuity of supply is more crucial than ever in the medical industry. An application must perform throughout its life as it did the first day of operation, giving the practitioner confidence in the equipment, and ultimately a positive effect on the well-being of the patient. We carefully manage obsolescence, including additional spares and stock provision, to give maximum through-life management and prolong the operational lifespan of systems. This extends to delivering advance end-of-life notifications, last time buy options and bonded stock holding.

As technology continues to shift and develop, the landscape is increasingly being driven towards greater digitalisation of solutions. Our service offerings and business values are what enable us to deliver highly dependable medical computing platforms capable of driving high throughput across various complex medical applications.

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