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Engineering Excellence

We are passionate in our pursuit of engineering excellence, best design practice, and build quality to deliver effective solutions to our customers that represent maximum value for money. Our engineering and technical teams help you achieve a competitive advantage through innovative, robust and reliable specialist computing platforms, at the lowest total lifetime cost of ownership.

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Platforms designed to order

We innovate to make anything possible. With extensive in-house electronic and mechanical design capabilities, we can deliver custom platforms tailored to meet your exact technical, performance and budgetary requirements. Our platforms can be as unique as needed, with custom form factor designs to satisfy complex shape, size and performance specifications.

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In-house compliance test facilities and certification management

From the test plan through to validation, we guarantee compliance and certification. This is supported by our dedicated in-house testing facilities, enabling us to assess platforms and make any necessary engineering modifications efficiently and effectively. Our compliance engineers have extensive experience in working with test houses to further manage the entire certification process.

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EMC Compliance Assured

As frequency spectrums become more crowded and complex, managing EMC emissions and susceptibility is an increasingly difficult challenge. Our design and compliance engineers have a wealth of experience in ensuring platforms pass EMC compliance testing; saving you time and assuring complete peace of mind.

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Shock and Vibration Protection

As computing platforms disseminate into broader enterprise and industrial applications, these become susceptible to far greater levels of shock and vibration. We specialize in engineering techniques needed to protect critical parts for uninterrupted operation in any challenging conditions.

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Thermal Design and Safety Management

Managing thermal design is critical to the safety and failure minimization of complex and critical computing platforms. Our engineering expertise ensures that as computing performance increases, form factors reduce in size and mobile deployment incorporates highly flammable battery technologies, an appropriate balance between thermal management and safety is engineered.

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Engineered Environmental Ingress Protection

The dawn of the IoT era is proliferating computing equipment in every location imaginable, indoors and outdoors. We have the engineering capabilities to ensure your platforms are protected against fluid and dust ingress in high availability and critical applications.

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Power Sources that Fit Your Application

We can adapt our platforms to operate with different power sources, from batteries to DC and AC supplies. With such a wide diversity, we use our expert knowledge to select the appropriate one for your application and engineer protection and safety from the impact of fluctuations or disturbances.

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Ecosystem Partnerships

We establish valuable partnerships with industry-leading technology providers, universities, research agencies and commercial organizations to discover new technologies relevant to our field, as well as extend existing ones. By actively pursuing research in thermal management, EMC, materials, shock and vibration and ingress protection, we give your solutions an innovative and competitive edge.

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Future-proofed Technologies

Computing technologies change and evolve faster than in any other industry. We design solutions equipped to keep pace with future demand. By using open technologies, we deliver modular systems that are not only effective and cost-efficient today, but flexible and scalable to support the applications of tomorrow.

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Holistic Project Management

We manage development projects in their entirety so you don’t have to. Our experienced managers provide a simple, singular touchpoint to keep you informed of all developments. By following well-established procedures, we ensure your job finishes on time, on specification and on budget.

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We Meet Exact Requirements, Every Time

Our design and engineering specialists develop off-the-shelf, customized and fully custom computing platforms to meet the exact requirements of even the most demanding applications and environments.