Tablet Servicing and Support

Expert service centres with rapid turnaround

Cost-effective, Expert Service Centres with Fast Turnaround

Our dedicated and highly experienced tablet service team is available to maintain the upkeep of your tablet estates, cost-effectively and with a fast turnaround.

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Customisable Service Level Agreements

Our service level agreements can be customised to ensure the individual needs of you and your application are met, delivering the highest levels of availability and productivity from tablet estates.

  • Pre-agreed turnaround times allow you to budget for any outages with certainty
  • Buffer stock and floating spares for seamless operation remove downtime altogether
  • Service portals for support requests to be logged and tracked online, with real-time status updates
  • Preventative maintenance programmes to clean, service and test devices, optimising performance and helping to extend working life and mitigate future issues
  • Optional extended warranties to keep tablets supported in the field for longer, preventing unexpected repair costs and assuring peace of mind

Managed Obsolescence Protection

Obsolescence is a major risk for business operators of large tablet estates. Our managed obsolescence services will protect against this risk by extending the working life of your tablets, for as long as you need.

  • We can ensure continuity of supply during a product’s life cycle and carefully manage obsolescence to provision additional spares and stock
  • By prolonging the operational lifespan of estates, we deliver maximum through-life cost savings
  • Services also include end of life notifications, last time buy options and bonded stock holding

Technology Refreshed

When older technologies no longer meet performance requirements, we can manage a technology refresh of your estate.

  • Access to a pathway of newer tablets equipped with improved technology, as well as support for advanced operating systems
  • Managed technology refreshes lowers the total cost of ownership and delivers improved performance

Efficient, Effective and Lasting Repairs

Our dedicated servicing teams are committed to repairing your equipment effectively and with rapid turnaround. We are driven by the goal of maximising the life, reliability and availability of your specialist computing platforms.