Smart Edge & IoT

Embracing the Future with Captec’s Smart Edge Solutions 

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Embark on a transformative journey with Captec as we spearhead a monumental shift in distributed computing. We are at the forefront of technical hardware and software solutions to enable evolution at the Smart Edge, meeting the demands of today and tomorrow, and delivering the future.  

At Captec, we stand at the forefront of technical innovation, providing both hardware and software solutions that pave the way for the evolution of the Smart Edge. Our commitment extends beyond meeting the demands of today; we are dedicated to shaping the landscape of tomorrow.  

We are not just a solution provider; we are architects of the future. By leveraging our expertise, we empower companies to embrace the future confidently.  

Our prowess in industrial and embedded computing, coupled with low-power IoT wireless monitoring, positions us as a catalyst for change. We offer end-to-end design capabilities that empower companies to draw application data from remote locations.  

The power of low-power IoT wireless monitoring enables seamless data collection from remote locations. This, in turn, facilitates process improvement and opens avenues for redefining business models. 

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The Power of Application-Driven Expertise at Captec 

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Our journey in this dynamic landscape has enriched us with considerable experience, making us a trusted partner in the realm of application-driven expertise.  

Our knowledge and expertise are not mere claims but are substantiated by a track record of field-proven reference projects. We have successfully deployed thousands of IoT remote monitoring devices, facilitating billions of measurements. This real-world experience underscores our commitment to delivering reliable and impactful solutions.  

Diverse Applications, Endless Possibilities. 

Captec’s application-driven expertise extends across a spectrum of industries, including but not limited to:  

  • Industrial 
  • Defense 
  • Energy 
  • Medical 
  • Transport 

Whether you are introducing new technology to the market, piloting a project, optimizing a process, or conducting groundbreaking research, Captec’s seasoned application experts are poised to offer comprehensive guidance on all facets of your project. 

Our Technical Expertise

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  • Field proven, extensible IoT solutions 
  • Deployments of off-the-shelf/custom wireless/ wired sensors 
  • Use of established IoT architecture 
  • Low-power/constrained IoT consultation 
  • Embedded electronics hardware design 
  • Embedded software development 
  • Wireless prototyping 
  • Product development 
  • Design for volume manufacture 
  • Certification & compliance 
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