We are award-winning designers and manufacturers of specialist computing platforms engineered to meet the exact requirements of any application, irrespective of complexity or environmental demands. From mobile tablets and boxed computers, through to complex racks and innovative IoT platforms, we design to any form factor.

Our products are Tried, Tested and Trusted, and are designed, configured and reliably built to maximise longevity and overcome the limitations of commercial and industrial computing.

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Our highly experienced technical architects and design engineers will review your specific requirements and offer options of standard, modified or custom engineered specialist industrial computers depending on your application needs, operating environment, budget and timescales.  Through our extensive supply chain, partner ecosystem and industry knowledge we can source or configure any industrial computing platform if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for in our existing portfolios.


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We innovate to ensure industrial tablets outperform and outlast commercially available alternatives. Our platforms are designed for functionality and protection, optimising performance and reducing your total cost of ownership substantially. All our tablet platforms can be backed by bespoke support packages and associated service level agreements, customised to meet your precise requirements.


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From simple configurations through to fully bespoke platforms, our computer rack systems are engineered to offer an optimal balance between performance and total cost of through life ownership. By collaborating with you during the initial project stages, we gain a complete understanding of your application and requirements. This allows us to realise the specification, design, documentation, validation and manufacture of platforms, while guaranteeing compliance, safety and reliability.


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Design, manufacture and installation of edge IoT computing platforms through a rich partner ecosystem.

Applying expertise in hardware design and software development to connect edge devices securely to the cloud for end-to-end applications.