Operational Capabilities

Operational Capabilities

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We Help You Stay Competitive

We continually invest in our local and international manufacturing and integration ecosystem, to help you stay at the forefront of your industry. The scale of our capacity, extensive inventory and materials management systems guarantee that your requirements are met, every time. In a world increasingly reliant on computing technologies, we enable you to realize your ability to innovate and leverage a competitive advantage.

Manufacturing Capability and Scale

We adopt lean manufacturing best practices to ensure we have the quality, agility and scalability to deal with varying demands. Our size enables us to develop large quantities, quickly and without compromise. With manufacturing and integration capabilities in both Europe and North America, we can supply platforms wherever you need them.

Build Consistency with Assembly Procedures

All our platforms are built using established processes and work instructions to guarantee consistency, quality and reliability. If products are customized to specific requirements, all hardware and firmware settings are meticulously documented. Our operators are guided by checklists to ensure quality is monitored throughout all assembly stages.

Complete Component and System Traceability

Where total traceability is required, we manufacture products with an individual configuration log of all components to secure total traceability. In the event of an issue, we can track down the exact batch, supplier and order for any component and efficiently order replacements. A unique system serial number further supports component tracking and searching.

Burn-in Soak and Functional Testing

Every computing platform undergoes a rigorous burn-in soak test to guarantee early failures are eradicated before they affect you. Every computing function is tested to ensure it is fit for purpose and is provided with an individual test report, personally verified by one of our experienced technicians. We also provide additional functional testing as per customer requirements.

Professional and Skilled Technicians

Our operations team is staffed by highly professional and skilled technicians. This is maintained to a high standard by our in-house training program and reinforced by a sophisticated skills matrix of qualified technicians.

Comprehensive ESD Protection

Inadequate ESD protection in manufacturing, integration and servicing impairs, weakens and reduces the overall lifespan of electronics before they are even turned on. Our operations and laboratory facilities are end-to-end ESD protected, from stores material handling through to final packing

Custom Packaging

Inadequate packaging for the transportation of equipment is a key contributing factor in products dead on arrival. We partner with logistics specialists to design the most reliable and cost-effective packaging solution to meet your transportation requirements.

Cloning and Configuration

We offer a full scope of cloning and master revision change control services where exact duplication of systems including configuration, operating system, or your software is required. With dedicated servers, we ensure that masters are all current and maintained within a secure IT infrastructure.

System setup and customization

We can customize and personalize all our platforms to meet any specification, from simple BIOS settings to operating system or application parameter setup and configuration. We provide a cost-effective alternative for your on-site work which frees up your resources to focus on core business objectives.

Contact Window Matrix

A successful relationship is entirely dependent on the quality and transparent communications. We offer a matrix contact structure, allowing you and your team to access and communicate directly with the people you need at Captec.

We Meet Exact Requirements, Every Time

Our design and engineering specialists develop off-the-shelf, customized and fully custom computing platforms to meet the exact requirements of even the most demanding applications and environments.

Trust Captec to Deliver

We’ve been in business since 1985, during which time we have built up an established track record as a Tried, Tested and Trusted designer and manufacturer of specialist computing platforms. Get in touch to learn how we can assist with your application.