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The transportation industry faces many challenges, from its significant contribution to pollution and climate change, to the urgent need for convergence to net zero emissions. The sector grapples with high energy costs, necessitating greater efficiency in operations and fuel consumption. Congestion issues add further to the industry’s problems, impacting the flow of goods and people. Electrification offers a promising solution, but its widespread adoption requires overcoming significant hurdles. In response to these challenges, the industry is increasingly reliant on digital transformation with a mix of edge specialized computing technologies, IoT and AI to pave the way for innovative solutions.

Captec are actively involved in deploying specialized edge computing solutions across all modes of transport, such as vehicles, planes, trains, and ships as well as the associated infrastructure. Key areas of focus are optimizing performance and efficiency in edge environments. Challenging operating conditions demand specialized, engineered solutions to ensure seamless integration and operation of computing, IoT devices and AI systems. By leveraging real-time data collection and analysis, transportation companies can make informed decisions that lead to reduced emissions, streamlined routes, and enhanced fuel efficiency. Additionally, AI-driven predictive maintenance allows for proactive identification of potential failures, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. These solutions offer a path to a greener, smarter, and more sustainable future for the transportation industry. With Captec, you can experience unparalleled computing solutions designed and built to seamlessly operate in challenging environments.

By leveraging our expertise in edge computing, we ensure seamless deployment of IoT devices in hostile operating conditions, allowing for efficient data collection from moving vehicles and infrastructure. Our designed or configured-to-order solutions strike the perfect balance between performance, durability, and affordability, complying with industry-specific standards through rigorous testing.

Partner with us for high-quality, certified, and compliant computing solutions that drive success in transportation and beyond.

Typical Applications

  • CCTV and security platforms
  • Train signaling and signage
  • Smart transport systems
  • Rail platform management systems
  • Paperless ticketing systems
  • Mobile workforce fleet management

Our Services

  • Build to order
  • Design & configure to order
  • Rack integration
  • Compliance and certification
  • BOM control and obsolescence management

Why choose Captec?

  • Experienced in designing and manufacturing specialized computers, integrated systems, sub-systems and IoT edge devices
  • Over three decades of experience in the transport sector – well positioned to understand and support digital transformation to combat climate change
  • Understanding and engineering know-how to protect critical electrical and electronics equipment in challenging and critical operating conditions
  • Long-term through-life support and obsolescence management
  • Established manufacturer since 1985 with strong and mature processes, technical eco-system and proven supply chain
  • Embedded ISO 9001 quality management systems and environmental management systems supporting Net Zero initiatives


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Synthetic Environment Simulation - To Enhance Material Handling

Learn how we enhanced the integration of our 2U rackmount systems into our customer’s simulator by reducing installation, setup, and commissioning duration.


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Secure CCTV Monitoring -
To Optimize Rail

Learn how we were able to provide a more reliable platform that was configured, integrated and tested, mitigating all the customer’s previous performance issues.


Marine Control System Panel webpage 849x555 - Transport

Maritime Thruster Control System - To Precisely Retain
a Ship’s Position

Learn how we supplied a high-performance EN60945-certified computing platform, reducing costs and optimizing protection for challenging maritime environments.