The leisure industry faces ongoing challenges in attracting and engaging existing and new audiences within a highly competitive and ever-changing gaming landscape. Following the significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on this sector, there is a pressing need for digital transformation in traditional land-based gaming, transitioning toward more digital formats that seamlessly offer multi-gaming options, entertainment, and self-service capabilities. Digitizing traditional paper-based playing styles like bingo dabbing, scratch cards, and pull cards, and complementing them with additional content and targeted advertising, can stimulate additional spending by implementing a digital tablet-based solution.

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One particular game-changer for the Bingo market is the advent of Electronic Terminals. These cutting-edge, portable solutions have already proven highly enticing to younger generations, successfully drawing them into bingo clubs. Tablets provide high-performance gaming experiences that modernize traditional games, making them more appealing to a broader audience. These tablets expand the player pool and increase rewards by enabling digital gameplay across venues, offering a truly immersive and enjoyable experience. Furthermore, tablets empower customers to participate in multiple games simultaneously while conveniently ordering refreshments to be delivered directly to their table without disrupting their gaming experience.

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With a rich history of over a decade of ergonomic and functional innovation investment, Captec has positioned itself as a leading provider of customized solutions within the leisure industry.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence has fueled the development of multiple generations of our electronic bingo tablet, meticulously designed to cater to the dynamic bingo market. Our portfolio also offers fixed eGaming terminals with large touchscreen displays, engineered to deliver captivating advertisements and an immersive gaming experience.

Captec’s latest breakthrough, the X240 tablet with enhanced features, including larger batteries and efficient power management, ensures uninterrupted gameplay, even with graphics-intensive applications. Our cutting-edge technology addresses tablet breakages through ruggedization, guaranteeing optimal durability. Moreover, our compact charging stations, facilitated by revolutionary cableless charging, eradicate connector and cable failures, empowering customers to embrace self-service and reduce operating costs.

At Captec, we understand the unique demands of the leisure industry. Through our tireless pursuit of innovation, we empower our clients to stay ahead of the competition and deliver unforgettable experiences.


  • Bingo gaming
  • Fixed & tabletop eGaming
  • Multi gaming & self-service platforms
  • Specialized infotainment applications

Our Services

  • Custom design and manufacturing of PC-based gaming solutions, fixed and mobile
  • Service & lifecycle management – Customizable service level agreements, including onsite repairs, maintenance, estate refresh and third-party tablet servicing
  • Fulfilment logistics to scale (ability to manufacture 500-1000 tablets weekly)

Why choose Captec?

  • We are a market leader in EBTs, charge stations and servicing to principal gaming customers and bingo operators
  • We have an international reach from our UK HQ and North American operations, working with partners and suppliers worldwide
  • Acting as a trusted hardware partner for our customers, our products work tirelessly in gaming venues to enable operators and independent software vendors to deliver exceptional experiences under their own brand
  • We have a mature technical ecosystem of established suppliers and third-party service providers, enabling operators to scale at pace
  • We are a dynamic and innovative group trading since 1985, with a multifaceted end-to-end custom design and manufacturing capabilities in the computer and electronics hardware space. A perfect fit for an evolving leisure industry


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Improving The Game at Mecca Bingo - X240 Bingo Tablet

Learn how Mecca and Captec worked together to deploy a new tablet gaming product to meet changing customer needs. The X240 offers a more flexible platform to deliver games in a more modern and experiential way whilst still supporting service solutions to meet Mecca’s changing customer needs and expectations.