In a volatile and rapidly evolving energy landscape, the sector is under escalating pressure and faces significant challenges to achieve net-zero emissions, while reducing costs and balancing energy demand to counteract the rising energy costs impacting businesses and individuals. The sector is undergoing digital transformation to modernize infrastructure, integrate renewable energy sources, and develop energy storage solutions. This transformation requires secure management to prevent cybersecurity risks, but provides opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

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Industry leaders, innovators and disruptors are turning to computing and IoT smart technologies to overcome these challenges. Increasingly, smart grids can manage the blending with renewable energy fluctuations, and IoT technologies can optimize energy use and consumption through monitoring devices and predictive analytics, while investments in innovation drive new energy storage solutions like large-scale batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. Collaborations between all stakeholders in the energy sector are needed to accelerate progress towards a more sustainable future, through developing and implementing new solutions.

Captec provides computing and IoT solutions for energy system integrators to keep their customers’ infrastructure running anywhere. We understand the challenges posed by harsh and remote environments in the energy sector. That’s why our products are meticulously engineered to thrive in the toughest conditions spanning a portfolio of specialized computers, smart edge and IoT remote monitoring devices and complex integrated systems all capable of providing superior performance, protection, and reliability for your customers’ critical energy applications.

With decades of experience including applications that span seismic exploration, solar and wind power delivery, SCADA, simulation, surveying, production, environmental protection, and oilfield satellite communications, Captec is a trusted partner in energy infrastructure management.

Typical Applications

  • Subsea surveying and control
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Offshore satellite communication
  • Environmental protection

Our Services

  • Design and build to order
  • Rack integration
  • Compliance and certification testing
  • Design and manufacture of network monitoring and sensing endpoints

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Why choose Captec?

  • We are a dynamic and innovative group trading since 1985, with a multifaceted end-to-end proposition in the computer and electronics hardware space. From design to manufacturing and through-life service support, all “under one roof”
  • We are well positioned to enable the digital transformation of the energy sector to achieve net zero emissions and combat climate change using specialist edge computing technology
  • We understand and engineer protection for the challenges posed by deployment in harsh and remote environments of the energy sector
  • We have an international reach from our UK HQ and North American operations, working with customers, partners and suppliers worldwide
  • We have a mature technical ecosystem of established suppliers and third-party service providers. This is important for the energy sector, where a well-established pedigree and track record are imperative
  • We are tried, tested and trusted


captec web cs subsea master control systems 01 1 1024x542 - Energy

Master Control Systems – Reliable in Harsh Environments

Learn about how our integrated supervisory monitoring and control solution saved our customer, a leading global oil services company, time, money and aggravation in their supply chain.


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Fault and theft detection - Fibre optic sensing security platform

Learn about how our mobile computing platforms enable our customer’s fiber optic surveillance systems to monitor and protect critical pipeline infrastructure against disruption, damage and theft.


large cabinets of electrical substation for factor 2021 08 30 17 37 07 utc 1024x541 - Energy

IoT Remote Monitoring Sensor – Optimizes Substation Performance

Learn about how our customer deployed at scale a very low-powered, battery-operated wireless IoT monitoring system that could be easily deployed on live, remote substations.