Rugged Servers

Secure data and intelligence at the tactical edge

The army, navy and air forces of today are increasingly dependent on a secure flow of data to maintain the tactical edge in the battlespace. In-theatre forces require on-demand access to agile systems that are fast to deploy, easy to use, easy to move, highly efficient at processing real-time mission critical information, and can withstand the extremes of a combat environment.

Rugged servers are deployed across all three services because they perform reliably in extreme temperatures, as well as survive the shock and vibration of armoured vehicles, aircraft, ships and submarines.

Captec’s high-performance, embedded, ruggedised systems are military certified and designed to provide a robust processing platform for the shipboard, ground vehicle, airborne or ground station applications in challenging defence environments.

For customers tackling the battlespace on land, we design and manufacture deployable systems for in-vehicle installation, rugged deployable transit cases and ground stations, including counter-UAS, electronic warfare (EW) systems and command and control solutions. These systems are designed and qualified to ensure they operate in harsh military environments, while our end to end integration service can support your electronics requirements.

We are tried, tested and trusted by some of the world’s largest defence primes in the marine sector. Our capability offers customers a range of MIL-certified platforms that can be integrated into sonar, radar, navigation and weapons systems for surface and subsurface fleets, ensuring your technology operates reliably and consistently.

Whether you are using manned aircraft for mission-critical activities or unmanned aircraft for observation and tactical planning, we provide rugged platforms that can be used in communications and signals intelligence, command and control and surveillance solutions tailored to your specific projects.

Compliant to Defence Standards 1024x999 - Rugged Servers


Marine Messaging Applications - Rugged Servers

Defence Certified Rackmount Computer

In completing this project, our knowledge of compliance, in-house facilities and relations with independent test houses was integral. Despite the regulatory criteria being far more stringent than we were used to, our engineering team were able to innovate a solution that successfully achieved compliance certification.


Rugged GPU Server - Rugged Servers

CRS-215 Rugged GPU Server

The Captec CRS-215 Rugged GPU Server offers high processing performance in a short-depth, 19” rackmount form factor. Our servers are designed and formally qualified to required military standards to withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration and electromagnetic interference.

Reasons why defence primes choose Captec

  • Experienced in designing and manufacturing rugged computers, complex systems, and integrated sub-systems for defence applications
  • One stop end to end systems meeting defence compliance requirements
  • Understanding and engineering know-how to protect critical electrical and electronics equipment in hostile operating conditions
  • Long-term through-life support and obsolescence management tailored to specific projects and applications
  • Established UK manufacturer since 1985 with strong and mature processes, technical eco-system and proven supply chain
  • Embedded ISO 9001 quality management systems and ISO 14001 environmental management systems supporting Net Zero initiatives