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Advancements in communications technology, particularly 5G and LEO Satcomms, are heavily intertwined with the role of computers and digital technologies such as IoT. 5G Low latency and high bandwidth capabilities further allow for the distribution and scalability of computing to the edge of the network.

In outdoor edge or mobile deployments, equipment robustness and protection are crucial for withstanding challenging thermal conditions, shock, vibration and the ingress of dust and fluids. Particularly for permanent communications or broadcasting infrastructure assets that are deployed for a very long lifecycle.

Captec’s extensive engineering capabilities and experience enable us to help protect, ruggedize and service computer-based communications equipment for deployment anywhere at the edge. We provide industrial roadmaps that extend far beyond the normal lifecycle of commercial computing equipment for long life and minimized obsolescence disruption. This ensures that your investments remain relevant, supportable and adaptable.

Captec’s specialized computer solutions include a wide range of form factors including smaller-size platforms, such as short-depth servers, to optimize space utilization without compromising performance. Our integration capabilities can combine multiple computing platforms with additional electronic payload into complex integrated racks and systems.

To enable faster edge AI, inferencing and analytics, we provide leading smart edge and IoT technology that offers enhanced processing capabilities and cloud-agnostic, edge micro data center.

With Captec, you gain access to reliable and innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges and deployments of the rapidly evolving communications sector.

Typical Applications

  • Maritime and land based satcomm ground stations
  • Fixed and mobile broadcast equipment
  • Video data streaming
  • Edge IoT parametric data acquisition

Our Products

Our Services

  • Design and configure to order
  • Rack integration
  • Compliance and certification
  • BOM control and obsolescence management
  • Through life service, support and spares
  • Electronic hardware and software design with product manufacturing

Why choose Captec?

  • We are a dynamic and innovative group trading since 1985, with a multifaceted end-to-end proposition in the computer and electronics hardware space. From design to manufacturing and through-life service support, all “under one roof”
  • We are well positioned to enable the digital transformation of the energy sector to achieve net zero emissions and combat climate change using specialist edge computing technology
  • We understand and engineer protection for the challenges posed by deployment in harsh and remote environments of the energy sector
  • We have an international reach from our UK HQ and North American operations, working with customers, partners and suppliers worldwide
  • We have a mature technical ecosystem of established suppliers and third-party service providers. This is important for the energy sector, where a well-established pedigree and track record are imperative
  • We are tried, tested and trusted


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Field Deployed – Satellite Communications

Learn about how our customized container facilitated primary satellite communications in the very challenging and remote environment of the Falklands. A fully integrated solution enabling many remote services as well as providing a safe, dry and warm working environment for engineers.


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Rack servers – Oilfield Satellite Communications

Learn how our rackmount specialized industrial computers were custom developed to provide a variety of Server or Network Management Applications. The solution improves global data monitoring and management in hostile oil production applications.


bakerloo line train 1024x768 1 - Communications

Rail Network Computers – Secure Communications

Learn how Captec’s family of rail computing platforms incorporate advanced, safe and secure communications with railway systems controllers for surface and sub-surface applications. Meeting demanding environmental, safety and EMC
compliance standards for critical infrastructure.