Specialist Computers for Automation Applications: Enhancing Efficiency & Reliability

In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, the convergence of automation with the accelerating deployment of machine vision and Artificial Intelligence have become key drivers of efficiency and productivity. Spanning all industries, computer automation leverages transformative new technologies to optimize processes, improve performance, and reduce cost and human error, among many other advantages. To benefit from these advancements, computer automation often needs to be deployed in operationally challenging environments, calling for innovative engineered solutions.

Specialized computers continue to revolutionize automation. These are purpose-designed and built to perform reliably in demanding automation conditions, such as:

  • Extremes of temperatures
  • Intense shock and vibration
  • Exposure to dust and fluid ingress
  • Certification and compliance to industry standards

Unlike off-the-shelf commercial computers, which may be ill-suited for challenging operating environments, Captec’s customized solutions offer unparalleled performance, reliability, consistency and longevity.

Captec’s specialized computers are at the forefront of the automation revolution, helping the industry overcome high-performance and deployment challenges. We offer tailored configurations, seamless integration, enhanced reliability, longevity, and extensive industry expertise since the start of the PC era. Utilizing top-performing CPU/GPU combinations for seamless vision and AI integration while ensuring optimal and reliable thermal design power. At Captec, we know that reliability is critical for efficient automation. That’s why we engineer, build and rigorously test our specialized computers to endure the environmental and performance extremes of deployments anywhere. Our off-the-shelf automation computers can also be customized, offering general-purpose platforms in various form factors.

Supporting extensive expansion capabilities, our computers accommodate I/O and interface cards, graphics and GPU cards, flexible memory and storage options. Ensuring seamless integration into diverse automation applications, optimizing performance. For challenging deployments, our complex systems include a complete rack integration service, simplifying implementation with comprehensive support. Our cutting-edge technology and unmatched expertise deliver the highest quality automation solutions to meet your unique requirements.

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Our proven track record, coupled with our dedication to innovation, sets us apart as your trusted partner in the automation industry. Experience the difference with our exceptional products and services.


  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
  • Machine vision
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Factory and warehouse automation
  • Process automation
  • Aggrotech robotic automation
  • Machinery simulation

Our Products

Our Services

  • Design to order computers
  • Build to order computers
  • Rack integration
  • BOM control and obsolescence management
  • Through-life spares, service & support
  • Compliance & certification

Why Choose Captec

  • Swift Deployment: Extensive range of COTS and custom computers meticulously selected or designed by trusted manufacturers for fast deployment into automation applications
  • Robust Protection: Our computers are engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, providing optimal protection against shock, vibration, thermals, ingress, and EMC
  • Industry-Compliant Design: Benefit from our extensive expertise in designing, engineering, and testing computers that rigorously meet and exceed the industry standards for automation applications
  • Cutting-edge Technology: Stay ahead with access to the latest technology through our extensive international supply chain, and partnerships with industry leaders, allowing you to maintain a competitive edge
  • Unmatched Support: Our tailored through-life support provides unmatched reliability, performance, and longevity for your automation solution, ensuring it operates at its peak potential throughout its lifespan
  • Experienced Experts: We are an innovative and experienced group trading since 1985, with an end-to-end multi-disciplinary engineering proposition for specialized computers and complex integrated systems. From design to manufacturing, all “under one roof”


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