Artificial Intelligence for Defence

Artificial Intelligence in Military Operations

AI provides a significant edge across land, sea and air defence applications; including benefits that optimise assets, augment resources and provide significant capabilities across detection, planning, field operations and support functions. It is a necessary component of modern warfare.

AI-supported systems can collect and analyse surveillance data and use smart sensors to track and detect personnel and assets. It uses the available data and machine-learning algorithms to provide real-time information and quick evaluations, which improve mission outcomes whilst helping protect people, assets, intelligence and information.

Typical defence sector applications include:

  • Gathering and collating data from multiple sensors and satellites to enable decision making and tasking
  • Storing and processing large amounts of raw data to generate actionable intelligence
  • Enhancing the deployment of military assets to undertake operational tasks

We work with defence primes on solutions that include communication intelligence systems, processing high volumes of data and wireless information, chat and images. Our MIL rugged 1U and 2U servers are incorporated into land-based Electronic Support & Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) systems. These can be manned and unmanned for 24/7 operation and provide high-accuracy signal detection, location, classification and decoding. Utilising our end-to-end capability, our hardware can support a wide range of options from the latest family of NVIDIA RTX GPU’s, Intel® Xeon® and AMD EPYC™ processors. It can accommodate a variety of different Operating Systems, very high capacities of RAM and high bandwidth fibre interfaces while also being designed to meet exacting defence standards.

Captec is committed to providing high-performance computing solutions for the defence industry. The development of AI has enabled solutions to adopt a more intelligent, efficient and safer way of operating. Its use cases range from recording and processing large data amounts in harsh environments, being used for high-accuracy signal detection, location, classification and decoding, and utilising data to inform tactical, operational and strategic decisions. Our high-performance, rugged servers, integrated with software, cameras and other peripherals, deliver a complete AI solution for the military.


Rugged GPU Case Story 1024x681 - Artificial Intelligence for Defence

Rugged GPU Processor - COMINT and SIGINT system

Captec was contracted to develop and deliver a fully qualified out-of-the-box rugged GPU processing platform with 100Gb fibre interfaces to manage the transfer of data. The Captec solution is a critical part of a wider communications intelligence system used in a harsh military environment.

Reasons why defence primes choose Captec

  • Experienced in designing and manufacturing rugged computers, complex systems, and integrated sub-systems for defence applications
  • One stop end to end systems meeting defence compliance requirements
  • Understanding and engineering know-how to protect critical electrical and electronics equipment in hostile operating conditions
  • Long-term through-life support and obsolescence management tailored to specific projects and applications
  • Established UK manufacturer since 1985 with strong and mature processes, technical eco-system and proven supply chain
  • Embedded ISO 9001 quality management systems and ISO 14001 environmental management systems supporting Net Zero initiatives