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With more than 35 years’ experience and knowledge of specialized computer systems, technological advancements and industry standards, we are committed to providing cutting edge solutions to our valued customers across all sectors and applications.

Operating in some of the most challenging environments, we have invested heavily in research and development to fully understand the needs of our customers and deliver specialized computer systems tailored to exact specification while meeting compliance and industry standards.

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From food processing and component inspection through to 3D printing and steel production, we have been deploying specialized computers into automation applications for decades…

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Our broadcast computers are designed to meet the demands of modern sound and vision transmission applications. From digital signage all the way through to imaging computers used in West End musicals…

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Defense & Security

We are experts in taking commercially available components and ruggedizing them for use in defense applications. This allows our customers to unlock the advantages of cost-effective computing…

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Our computing platforms for the energy sector are built for survivability and reliability in distant, exposed and challenging locations to support the exploration and supply of the world’s energy needs…

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We work hand-in-hand with the digitized gaming industry to deliver improved experiences to the modern gamer. Our compact embedded computers power slot machines, while our ergonomic tablets have been designed for eBingo…

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We have been active in the medical computing industry for over 30 years; with our computers Tried, Tested and Trusted to keep lifesaving medical equipment running in critical environments…

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Whether its land, sea or air, on a train, a boat or a plane, we’ve got a computing solution for use in challenging environments. We specialize in all areas of transport computers, including rail and marine certified computers…

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