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We Meet Exact Requirements,

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For even the most demanding applications and environments.

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Defence computing solutions

for land, sea and air

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Captec Joins London Stock
Exchange Group’s ELITE

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Established in 1985, we are an award-winning designer and manufacturer of specialist computing equipment engineered to meet the exact requirements of any application across multiple industries, irrespective of complexity or environmental demands.

From rugged tablets and industrial computers through to complex computer racks and innovative IoT computing, we design to any form factor. We engineer reliability, provide comprehensive support, guarantee compliance, maximise longevity and overcome the limitations of commercial computing.


We are committed to providing cutting edge solutions to our valued customers across all sectors and applications.



Our business competencies are based on a portfolio of combined capabilities which result in a TriedTested and Trusted supplier with a successful track record of delivering quality products and services to thousands of customers internationally.


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Our products are Tried, Tested and Trusted, and are designed, configured and reliably built to maximise longevity and overcome the limitations of commercial and industrial computing.


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The latest news featuring Captec press releases, news articles, forthcoming events, reviews, product and corporate updates.

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Captec Group Joins London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE

We are pleased to be joining ELITE to prepare for our next phase of growth

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Captec Acquires Aleutia to Form Embedded, Edge and IoT Computing Range

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Aleutia.

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Innovating to Grow: Captec Scoop Second Queen’s Award in Three Years

We are pleased to announce we have won the Queen’s Award for Innovation

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Captec to Exhibit Specialist Defence Equipment at DPRTE

DPRTE will allow us to present our capabilities to key personnel in DE&S and systems integrators.

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