Empowering Your Field Services Fleet


Empowering field services

As technology continues to improve, the usage of mobile devices keeps growing as they prove their ability to solve customer pain points and create competitive advantages. If your field services fleet isn’t engaged with mobile technology yet, it’s definitely worth considering the benefits of doing so and assessing the risks of delaying and being left behind in such a competitive marketplace.

To unlock the true value of deploying mobile tablets in field services applications, retain a competitive advantage and empower your field services fleet, we first need to identify the needs of the industry and assess how tablets can be used to meet requirements.

Unlocking the advantages of mobility

As field service professionals are predominately based out of the office, the burden of carrying paper folders can weigh heavy when you have many places to be and many jobs to do. Time is money – and when your workforce continuously need to spend time to go through the paperwork, find the right document and then store them upon completion, valuable hours are lost.

So, where do computing tablets (or tablets pc) come in? The portability of tablets provides organisations with an easily accessible, digital library of all their tasks. When tablets need to be transported from location to location in a vehicle, they can be mounted in docks that provide secure storage and simple undocking for quick availability in the field. Vehicle docks come with charging capabilities, so your device can be powered up while mounted in service vehicles between tasks – meaning you’ll never be out of battery.

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Increase business performance to improve customer satisfaction

To improve customer satisfaction, alerts and reminders can be set up to help field service staff increase their focus on the task at hand and respond to any issues as they arise.

Vehicle recovery professionals can also take advantage of the multiway communication features of tablets to improve customer satisfaction. An example of this is receiving jobs on the tablet, obtaining customer details and then using this information to contact them about estimated arrival times, while identifying the best route to their address and informing head office about the job status. Once the job is complete, the customer can then digitally sign job documents and receive email confirmation – all using one device.

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Simple, efficient ways to collect your customers’ data

A great benefit of tablet technology and mobile data capabilities is the improved means of communications between entire workforces and customers alike.

Another use case can be found in the emergency services sector. Taking advantage of their ergonomic design, medical professionals can digitally record and update patient data while undergoing treatment in ambulances using tablets, and can also dock or take them outside of the vehicle to capture data from other people. This data can then be shared with other relevant medical departments so they know exactly who is arriving, in what condition and at what time.

Mobilising your workforce

Especially when you are out in the field, it is crucial that you have the right tools that you and your business can rely on to improve performance. By mobilising your workforce with tablets that are equipped to function in challenging environments, business growth is increased, efficiency is enhanced and productivity is optimised – all while increasing customer satisfaction!

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