A Digital Marketing Internship at Captec


My Experiences as a Digital Marketing Intern at Captec

My name is Emiliano Prisco. Today marks the end of a four month digital marketing work placement at Captec, as well as the end of a journey.

Let me explain, I’m a marketer from Porto Sant’Elpidio in Italy, and I left for England to enhance my international work experience. Owing to my placement at Captec, I have secured a permanent job in my native Italy. But let’s go back. My story begins when I applied for the digital marketing administrator vacancy. After passing the interview stage with the marketing team, I was offered the position and moved to England to start my journey.

I was able to share the travel to work with colleagues and grow new friendships with some really cool guys who I’d also see outside of work on the weekends. My Manager Marc and Supervisor David were brilliant and very friendly, as were the rest of my colleagues at Captec.

In the past four months, I have gained a well-rounded and all-encompassing experience of what it’s like in the marketing department of a big company. I have worked in the digital marketing office, focusing on website improvements, administration, social media planning and defining new direct email marketing campaigns. Numbers have become my loyal friends, gathering data to update KPIs and reporting website, social media, online ad campaign and direct email marketing performances. Keywords and SEO have been my daily bread – (it’s an Italian expression but I’m sure you’ll get it).

At first my English was, by my own admission, pretty bad. My team helped me with their unbelievable patience and together we were able to achieve a lot by working closely and sharing ideas during creative brainstorms. Working for Captec introduced me to a large and structured company environment, where I learned to understand work flows as well as project management. Subsequently, I can say with certainty that I’ve improved my digital and web skills through working in close proximity with professional and talented colleagues.

The company employs people from across Europe and through this multicultural environment you are able to share and enjoy new friendships, learn from each other as well as pick up some foreign habits! Last but not least, there is a pretty big canteen with pool and football tables where you are able to relax and have fun on your lunch breaks.

It is for all these reasons that I would recommend any student or young professional looking for a great experience to apply for an internship position with Captec.

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