Electric Vehicle Charge Points Arrive at Captec


Over a year ago, we took the decision to install and switch on a solar array with 600 panels, generating a total of 150kW of electricity. Ever since, we have been monitoring our business electricity usage closely and so it came as no surprise that month-on-month, approximately 50 per cent of our consumption was drawn from the panels.

However, we were still exporting electricity to the national grid instead of being able to use it. This led us to look for alternative ways of using the excess electricity, resulting in the installation of electric vehicle charge points to encourage the uptake and usage of plug-in hybrid cars.

captec blog electric vehcile charging points image 06 - Electric Vehicle Charge Points Arrive at Captec
Our 600 panel solar array at Captec headquarters

The cars being charged in the photograph are the new BMW 330es, and were kindly supplied to us by local Segensworth business, Complete Vehicle Management (CVM) Group. CVM Group offers electric vehicles, like the BMW 330e, and non-electric vehicles, on personal and business leases with the goal of saving customers time and money on vehicle and asset finance.

With recent government initiatives like the ban on selling petrol-driven vehicles coming into force by 2040, electric transport is forming the way of the future with the protection of the environment paramount.

We believe green energy and incentives are vital to the wellbeing of the environment and are constantly on the lookout for technologies and ideas that will enhance our green footprint and reduce our environmental impact.

captec blog electric vehcile charging points image 04 1 - Electric Vehicle Charge Points Arrive at Captec
Ed Prager, Captec CEO, and Nic Jones, CVM Group Head of Marketing

Andy Hurley, our Facilities Manager, said: “We now have two fast-charge EV charge stations available for use by employees and visitors – and the best thing is they are free to use!

“We won’t charge for the electricity as we wish to encourage the use of eco-friendly vehicles by staff, and after all, we generate far more electricity than we can use!”

Following the installation, a number of our staff have shown a strong interest in purchasing electric vehicles and are eagerly awaiting the launch of cars like the Tesla 3 in the UK.

Read our corporate statement and learn more about our commitment to the environment and CSR.

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