The Captec E-Series

Powerful. Innovative. Compact. 

The computer, evolved.

Founded in 2006 with the mission of supporting education in Africa, Aleutia computers experienced significant success in providing high performance, low cost, fanless computing to classrooms by overcoming the challenges posed by extremely hot environments.

Now, our engineers have redesigned these innovative computers as the Captec E-Series to deliver maximum reliability, performance and expansion to industrial applications. Fit and forget the E-Series with confidence knowing it is designed to handle operation in challenging working environments. Using innovative and advanced thermal management capabilities, we deliver optimal processor performance, even under substantial workloads. Compatible with installations in outdoor locations worldwide, the fanless construction ensures field reliability at an affordable cost.

E610 Series 300x198 - The Captec E-Series

E610 Series

Powered by Intel 6th generation i3, i5 and i7 CPUs, the E610 delivers powerful, unthrottled performance in a compact, industrial fanless design. With up to 16 configurable I/O ports, the E610 is ideal for a variety of compute-intensive edge-based applications. The innovative bimetallic aluminium and copper chassis design ensures 100 per cent component performance across a wide ambient temperature range in demanding industrial applications.

No need for extra hubs, converters and adapters


Using additional hubs, converters or adapters to gain extra I/O leaves systems susceptible to increased failure rates. It also complicates power and cable management.

The E-Series solves these problems with up to 16 customisable I/O to accommodate all peripherals including printers, card machines, cameras and scanners. Plus, the configurable I/O panel can be set to meet your requirements, with support for USB, multiple LAN, PoE LAN, multiple COM ports, and both WiFi and 4G connectivity via SIM.

Maximum reliability in a compact, low power design


The compact composition of the E-Series makes it a perfect fit for industrial applications where space is restricted by additional equipment or installation location.

The low power E-Series operates at 36.5W under 100 per cent CPU loads, working to enhance energy efficiency while ensuring maximum performance. For industrial applications, this helps to reduce both your total cost of ownership and overall energy consumption without impacting on functionality or reliability.

Consistent performance across variable conditions


With its leading-class operating temperature range of -10-50 °C, the E-Series offers industrial enterprise performance in fluctuating conditions. Captec’s unique bimetallic copper and aluminium design offers exceptional thermal properties, making the computers ideal for 24/7 applications in both outdoor and indoor installations.

Through engineering innovation, the fanless, no moving parts design offers increased mean time between failure rates to ensure maximum uptime.

Industrial reliability at a competitive price point


The E-Series is positioned competitively while still delivering an extended range of features with ten years longevity. While the computers do not come with industry-specific approvals, we offer compliance and certification management services where required with the support of our in-house pre-certification facilities.

The E-Series is also specified with VPU support to meet the demand for intelligent solutions requiring AI algorithms, including facial recognition.

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