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Build, Configure and Design to Order Services

Deploying standard or commercial computers to perform specialised, industrial or controlled applications can leave you exposed to a multitude of risks, including system failure, obsolescence and non-compliance.

We design, develop and integrate computing platforms to satisfy the exact requirements of even the most complex and demanding applications, allowing you to overcome the limitations of commercial computing.

Service Levels

We offer three service levels to protect you and your application from these risks, securing maximum return on your computing investment:

  • Build to order service
  • Configure to order service
  • Design to order service

All our computers are based on a foundation of expertly sourced off-the-shelf technologies, providing you with a platform optimised to reduce through-life expenses.

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Build to Order Service

This service level is based on industry know-how and experience, carefully built up since 1985 in designing and integrating specialist computing platforms for demanding requirements.

Our technical architects collaborate with you to develop a tailored specification using commercially available components that meets your exact demands at the lowest total cost of ownership. All the components necessary to meet your specification are then managed as a bill of materials and built into your custom computing platform.

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Configure to Order Service

Whether your system volume requirements are large or small, we can offer a customised platform configured to your exact performance needs. We provide a full range of options for all the components necessary for a complete computing platform, including: chassis, power supply, processor and board, memory, storage, I/O, operating system, expansion cards and any other required functionality.

Working in unison with our extensive supply chain partner ecosystem, our technical architects will support and advise you on the optimal configuration for your platform, application and operating environment demands.

This service is available for: 

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Design to Order Service

Our technical architects and design engineers are well-versed in developing computing platforms to exact requirements. We engineer around core requirements of mechanical form factor, electronic functionality, thermal management, ingress protection, shock and vibration protection, EMC, compliance and certification.

We also develop custom form factor designs to satisfy complex space, size and shape specifications. All our platforms can be backed up with bespoke service level agreements tailored to fit your business and application needs, optimally extending operational life.

This service is available for:

Our Commitment to You

As an independent designer and manufacturer of off-the-shelf, customised and bespoke specialist computing platforms, we are driven by a commitment to supplying you with what you need, as opposed to what a manufacturer has to offer.

Our services are supported by dedicated in-house pre-compliance testing facilities, access to our professional pre and post-sales technical support staff, and tailored service level agreements.