Certification and Compliance Services

Understanding Standards with a Strong Network of Relationships

Compliance and certification standards are continuously evolving and expanding in complexity, and as a result are becoming more challenging than ever to meet. We use our wealth of experience, expertise and know-how to design and manufacture off-the-shelf, customised and bespoke computer platforms that meet legislative compliance as well as any industry required certification standard.

In addition to our own domain knowledge, we have well established working relationships with a diverse ecosystem of expertise including supply chain, accredited test houses, independent subject experts, universities, knowledge transfer networks and special interest groups. This enables us to study and interpret new standards, devise appropriate plans and apply them to test, validate and certify platforms.

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Building Platforms for Challenging Environments

Technology is an essential part of our society. In todays age, it is almost impossible to think of an industry which does not require advanced computing. An multitude of applications are now committed by IoT. As a result, smart computing equipment needs to be deployed further into hostile environments.

Our specialist teams design and engineer protection against a multitude of demanding stress factors including fluid and dust ingress, shock and vibration, thermal extremes, EMC and many more to optimise the reliability of your platforms and extend longevity.

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Managed Compliance and Certification

Our compliance and certification engineers have extensive experience in managing the entire process.

Our dedicated in-house pre-compliance testing facilities enable us to assess platforms, and make any engineering modifications that may be required, efficiently and effectively.  Where formal certification is required, we work with our partner test houses to further manage the entire process.

From the test plan creation all the way through to validation, we guarantee compliance and certification, saving you time, resource and money.

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EMC Compliance Assured

As frequency spectrums become more crowded and complex, managing EMC emissions and susceptibility is an increasingly difficult challenge as more and more devices contend for wireless communications bandwidth.

Our compliance management service gives you complete peace of mind that your computing platforms will pass EMC testing, saving you time and giving you peace of mind that you are protected from interference and susceptibility.

WEEE Compliance

Waste electrical and electronic equipment

We provide a flexible approach to WEEE compliance. We either organise recycling through our compliance scheme, or, where our customers integrate our computers into their equipment, they may choose to deal with WEEE disposal themselves. Whichever option suits your requirements, our ISO 14001 procedures ensure all our equipment is reused or recycled in an environmentally responsible way.

RoHS Compliance

Restriction of the use of hazardous substances

All our platforms are fully compliant with RoHS regulations, with all listed materials within specified limits. Our customised and bespoke platforms may have concessions, where agreed in advance with customers who have exempt applications, or a spares requirement for older equipment. Our ISO 14001 environmental management system ensures we always maintain compliance with this legislation.

Totally Green Equipment

We take a holistic approach, looking beyond compliance and certification requirements to always encompass environmental compliance.

Protection of the environment, recycling and corporate social responsibility are central to our culture, and are underpinned by both our environmental policy and ISO-14001 accreditation. We are committed to supplying totally green equipment for all of our platforms.

Our Commitment to You

As an independent designer and manufacturer of off-the-shelf, customised and bespoke specialist computing platforms, we are driven by a commitment to supplying you with what you need, as opposed to what a manufacturer has to offer.

Our services are supported by dedicated in-house pre-compliance testing facilities, access to our professional pre and post-sales technical support staff, and tailored service level agreements.