Captec Make the Switch to Solar Power


Captec Make the Switch to Solar Power

Captec, designers and manufacturers of specialist computer platforms, has announced it is now powering its 50,000 square foot Fareham headquarters with solar energy.

The installation of 600 polycrystalline solar panels, one of the largest in Hampshire, was timed for a January 2016 turn on as part of a decision to reduce the business’s electricity consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and financial outlay on power.

Since the installation, Captec has already noticed significant reductions in energy consumption, using as little as one kilowatt throughout the working day.

The roof of the company’s building is slanted at an angle of six degrees, obscuring the panels from sight, giving the additional benefit of a minimised visual effect on the surrounding community.

Planning for the development began in late 2015, with a month of maintenance undertaken on the roof to accommodate the new panels.

The work was conducted alongside a government initiative, using the highest quality solar technologies to optimise power generated and secure a return on investment in the shortest possible time frame.

Moving to the Whittle Avenue site in 2013, Captec CEO, Max Toti, outlined his vision to make the company as green as possible. Captec is already an ISO4001 certified organisation, adopts a best practice recycling policy and encourages employees to contribute to its efforts through a cycle to work reward scheme. Switching to a solar powered workplace further evidences Captec’s longstanding commitment to minimising its impact on the environment.

Captec Facilities Manager, Andy Hurley, said: “We could not be happier with the impact the installation of the solar panels has already had on our company.

We are already experiencing substantial benefits from switching to solar energy, benefits we only expect to increase as the summer months draw closer.

Using solar energy is just a part of our continual mission to keep our electricity consumption at an absolute minimum.”

Moving forward, Captec will continue to set the precedence for Hampshire businesses looking to go green. Plans are already in motion to replace every fluorescent light bulb in the business with LEDs. This will further reduce Captec’s electricity intake by over half the current rate.

Find out more about Captec’s environmental credentials and approach to corporate social responsibility here.

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