Captec Partner with Dell, Getac, Panasonic and Samsung for In-vehicle Applications


We have teamed up with market-leading rugged tablet manufacturers to provide 360-degree in-vehicle solutions.

The specialist tablets from Dell, Getac, Panasonic and Samsung are designed to accommodate the needs of demanding applications in industries including construction, utilities, and fire and rescue.

In the modern working environment, it is crucial for fleets to have the tools that allow them to work efficiently through improved communication and efficiency. By securing these strategic partnerships, we provide fleets with high performance technology and the flexibility to achieve an optimal balance between performance and budget for their application.

With features including high ingress protection, ruggedisation, built-in GPS and barcode scanners, the tablets meet and exceed the needs of mobile workforces across multiple sectors.

captec in vehicle tablets and docks 04 - Captec Partner with Dell, Getac, Panasonic and Samsung for In-vehicle Applications

Each tablet can be combined with a vehicle dock, specifically designed to accommodate it – sourced by us from our trusted vehicle docking partners, Gamber-Johnson and Havis.

To provide a true 360-degree solution, we offer a complete installation service including full vehicle audits, custom cabling, onsite installation performed by experienced engineers and tailored through life support.

For more complex applications demanding a high level of customisation such as additional ruggedisation for uninterrupted operation in hostile conditions, we offer bespoke engineering and technical services. From the initial design concept through to testing and validation, we can make any necessary modifications quickly and effectively at its dedicated in-house engineering facilities.

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Ian Langton, our Product Manager, said:

“We have partnered with leading technology providers in complete confidence that, when combined with our installation service, we can address the performance, reliability and longevity needs of today’s mobile workforce.

Our aim is to create a one-stop-shop for fleet managers looking to equip their vehicles with rugged and reliable mobile computing.”

In addition to offering models from suppliers through strategic partnerships, we have recently designed, developed and introduced a brand new rugged tablet of its own.

The VT-681 tablet is a fully rugged device, powered by Windows 10 IoT, making it ideal for fleets requiring a cost-effective solution, without compromising on performance or features from other well-known suppliers.

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