Business Emphasis on Rack Integration Services for 2016


Business Emphasis on Rack Integration Services for 2016

Rack systems are deployed in industries and applications where continuous operation is crucial and downtime is costly.

The successful integration of complex computing platforms and components into 19-inch rack cabinets necessitates precision, technical excellence and the highest levels of safety. For businesses requiring racks, integration is at best time consuming, but at worst can present a plethora of risks if not carried out with the correct levels of knowledge and skill.

With this in mind, Captec has announced an increased business emphasis on rack integration, enabling companies across a wide range of verticals to alleviate a resource-draining practice by outsourcing it to a competent third party with a proven track record.

To expand its rack integration capabilities, Captec has invested in dedicated industry-leading facilities with lean manufacture flow lines to accommodate demands for first class, professional and application ready builds.

Captec’s specialists manage projects holistically and apply an unrivalled attention to detail to integration, from the design brief through to logistics and installation – making certain partners receive complete support throughout the process.

Beginning with a site evaluation to assess potential environmental issues and working with the customer to co-author a specification, Captec then select and source the components that satisfy the performance and lifespan needs of the project.

Captec reduces the challenges of complex and extensive bill of materials management through its well established supply chain relationships, documenting every component in a build and creating a single point of customer reference.

Calculating precise power and thermal budgets, Captec evaluate the energy the entire rack will consume, how it will be cooled and what technologies are best suited to performing the task. These calculations drive mitigation strategies that act to minimise downtime and costs incurred in the unlikely event of failure.

Industries requiring rack configurations are often constrained by regulations and growing pressure to validate systems to ensure safety. Captec design with safety in mind, carefully considering and testing for EMC and thermal emissions at its in-house facilities to certify industry standards are met. Earthing practices are carried out with the correct equipment by highly qualified engineers to avoid damage to valuable assets and minimising serious risks of injury for the end-user.

Every Captec rack is delivered fully integrated, tested and wired with clear, colour-coded labelling and detailed wiring schematics to simplify maintenance. This is reinforced by comprehensive through life support including carefully managed change control, protecting customers from obsolescence. These services extend to providing advanced end-of-life notifications, last time buy options and bonded stock holding.

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