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Established Company with Proven Track Record

We have been designing and manufacturing specialist computing platforms since 1985, in which time we have built up an established track record as an award-winning international provider. Our capabilities are reinforced by a mature management team and robust financials, providing the security and stability you need in increasingly uncertain times.

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Professional, Competent and Experience People

Our business is built on the foundation of a professional, experienced and talented team of people. From the production floor to senior management level, we continuously invest in training and development to ensure our teams deliver their best for you.

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International Reach

We invest heavily in infrastructure to deliver the highest standard of on-the-ground services, wherever you need it. Operations in the UK and Canada form the hubs of our European and North American business.

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Quality Solutions You Can Trust

From built to order to bespoke platforms, we configure or design to meet exact performance and budgetary requirements. We gain a complete understanding of your application and specify using best-of-breed technologies while ensuring your through life costs are minimised. This is all achieved while working within a mature ISO 9001 quality management framework.

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Strong and Mature Technology Ecosystem

We combine established relationships with industry-leading technology partners with international procurement capabilities to deliver you access to the latest technologies. This is supported by customer partnering schemes where risk and reward of new opportunities are shared to help you and our partners to maintain an advantage.

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Committed to a Holistic Customer Service Experience

Our dedicated, professional and experienced teams are committed to delivering a quality through-life service at every touchpoint, from the first phone call to beyond receiving the product. We support you with modern test and repair facilities which ensure an efficient and effective response if things ever go wrong.

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Innovation, Design and R&D

With extensive in-house design and engineering capabilities, we deliver bespoke platforms tailored to meet your specific requirements and reduce your total cost of ownership. This is complemented by technology transfer partnerships and centres of specialist expertise, including pre-compliance testing and managed outsourced certification.

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Operational Capability and Scale

On time when you need it. You have deadlines to meet and your success depends on us. Our substantial manufacturing and integration capability, extensive inventory and materials management systems will ensure your deadlines and specifications are met. Our size enables us to cater from tens to tens of thousands of systems, depending on your needs.

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Specialist Computing Knowledge

Keeping up with computing technology is increasingly difficult, particularly if this is not your core business. Through our specialist knowledge, we choose the technologies that best fit your requirements and remove pressure from your teams. We also manage and mitigate the risk of obsolescence throughout the operating life of the application to protect you from disruption.

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Strong Social and Corporate Governance

We are passionate about the future of our planet and have dedicated ourselves to protecting the environment by becoming an ISO 14001 accredited business. We strive to work with likeminded suppliers and have committed to work within national and international legal parameters.