Compliance and Certification Capabilities

Compliance & Certification Capabilities

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In-house compliance test facilities and certification management

With dedicated in-house pre-compliance facilities and relationships with leading test houses, we assess computers and make any necessary engineering modifications efficiently and effectively, managing the entire process to guarantee compliance and certification.

Shock and vibration protection

We specialise in engineering techniques needed to protect critical parts for uninterrupted operation in challenging conditions susceptible to high levels of shock and vibration.

Thermal design and safety management

Our expertise ensures that as computing performance increases, form factors reduce in size and mobile deployments incorporate highly flammable technologies, the perfect balance between thermal management and safety is engineered.

Engineered environmental ingress protection

The dawn of the IoT era is proliferating computing equipment in every location imaginable. We have the engineering capabilities to ensure your platforms are protected against fluid and dust ingress in high availability and critical applications.

EMC compliance assured

Our design and compliance engineers have a wealth of experience in ensuring platforms pass EMC compliance testing; saving you time and assuring complete peace of mind.

Burn-in soak functional testing

Every computing platform undergoes a rigorous burn-in soak test to guarantee early failures are eradicated. Every computing function is tested to ensure it is fit for purpose and is provided with an individual, personally verified report.

Comprehensive ESD protection

Inadequate ESD protection in manufacturing, integration and servicing impairs, weakens and reduces the overall lifespan of electronics before they are even turned on. Our operations and laboratory facilities are end-to-end ESD protected, from store material handling through to final packing.

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