About Captec

Who we are

Captec is an international group focused on designing, manufacturing and integrating specialised computing platforms and complex systems for industries requiring high levels of reliability and performance for critical, certified, and/or challenging applications.

What we do

We enable organisations across multiple sectors to deploy innovative and complex technical solutions to meet their operational objectives via specialised computers, tablets, complex electro-mechanical systems and smart edge IoT platforms.

We Engineer Reliability
We Design For Compliance

We Maximise Longevity
We Comprehensively Support

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Who we do it for

We are industry and application agnostic and operate across seven core sectors of defence, healthcare, energy, communications, automation, transport and leisure.

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How we do it

Our proven innovation and engineering proposition offers bespoke design, custom-build and customised configuration options, ensuring agility and scalability for specific applications across a diverse sector base.

We know complex computing and systems and the industries where it is a critical part of their deployment.  We set out to understand our customers’ operational and commercial needs and apply our skills and experience to create solutions aligned to their application requirements.

Technology and engineering are at our core, prioritising collaboration and customer satisfaction. We are trusted by several of the world’s most significant organisations, to deliver solutions that prioritise high reliability and availability.

We partner with our customers to understand and fulfil their operational and business objectives. Our approach is professional, innovative, informed and informative, delivering clearly defined solutions and services, underpinned by our in-depth experience.

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Why choose us

  • We are a dynamic and innovative group with a multifaceted end-to-end proposition in the computer and electronics hardware space. From design, to manufacturing and through life service support, all “under one roof”
  • We are well positioned to enable digital transformation, specialist and edge computing in a time enterprises are seeking diversity, flexibility and reliability
  • We have an international reach from our UK HQ, and North American operations, working with customers, partners and suppliers across the world
  • We appreciate the need for flexibility and scalability and have developed products and service options that are sector agnostic, and range from separate, or fully integrated multi-asset solutions
  • We are a well established, forward thinking and progressive business trading since 1985. This is important in the sectors in which we operate, where a well established pedigree and track record are imperative
  • We have a mature technical ecosystem of established suppliers, trading partners, third-party service providers and respective technologies
  • We are tried, tested and trusted

Tried, Tested and Trusted

Established since 1985, we take great pride in our Tried, Tested and Trusted approach, which has earned us a reputation for excellence in our industry. Whether you need a bespoke solution or a customised configuration, we have the expertise to assist you. Contact us to find out how we can support your application deployment anywhere.